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Mission and Pledge

Mission and Pledge


The Coppin State University National Alumni Association serves as the Ambassador Arm of the University existing to extol the virtues of Alma Mater. The National Alumni Association should be empowered to assist the administration in shaping the image and future directions of the institution. The CSUNAA will exercise recruitment initiatives in an effort to promote the University to prospective students. The CSUNAA will foster positive relationships in and among its membership and will work with the University to aid in the growth and development of its students and the institution. The CSUNAA will serve as facilitators in the ongoing effort of providing financial support to the University and to assist the University in its many fundraising efforts.

Alumni Pledge

For all inspiration Alma Mater has brought me through the years that are past, and for all the brightness that Alma Mater will shed along my path in the future, continuing to give direction and meaning to my life in order that I might help others find meaning in living and serving, I am grateful.

And for these gifts, I pledge everlasting loyalty, love and devotion.

Always I shall be a faithful and active member of the Association of Alma Mater and shall do all within my power to support her plan, spread her name abroad, and expand her membership, and keep her first among all organizations.