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Adjunct Faculty Meet & Confer

Adjunct Faculty

Welcome to our Coppin State University Adjunct Faculty website!  The website is designed to provide a centralized hub where adjunct faculty can quickly access policies, procedures and resources available to assist in adjusting to our campus environment.

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Faculty Handbooks

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook contains descriptive information on policies and procedures established by Coppin State University relating to your classroom and institutional responsibilities. It also includes a section with Adjunct Faculty information specific to your needs, and other issues applicable to the Employment of Adjunct Faculty at Coppin State University CSU Adjunct Faculty Policy on Employment.

Adjunct Faculty Meet & Confer Association

Coppin State University Adjunct Faculty “Meet & Confer” Association is organized in compliance with University System of Maryland Policy on the Employment of Adjunct Faculty in the University System of Maryland (December 3, 2010). As a professional association of part-time faculty, the group helps to implement policies that ensure opportunities to meet with administration, through shared governance, or as distinct groups. In accordance with Article I section I of the CSU Adjunct Faculty Association Constitution, the group is authorized to "engage in any and all activities that promote the educational process and welfare of its members. The association is committed to serving the educational needs of students and promoting harmonious relationships with campus leadership, fulltime faculty, and the USM Board of Regents. As an adjunct faculty member, you are invited to be part of the Adjunct Faculty Meet & Confer Association.

Meet and Confer Advisory Council Members

President: Dr. Synethia Jones Green

Vice President: Open

Secretary:  Ms. Debra Vines

Treasurer: Open

Parliamentarian: Ms. Delores Long Colemen

Senator-at-Large: Mr. Ali Roodsari

Senator-at-Large: Dr. Lorraine Cornish-Harrison

Senator-at-Large: Dr. Tamara Murdock

Senator-at-Large: Mr. Timothy Ogamba

Senator-at-Large: Mrs. Wendolyn Velez Torres