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Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment (Post Baccalaureate Certificate)

Certificate in Vocational Evaluation & Work Adjustment (Graduate Level)

Applied Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences


The goal of the Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment certificate program is to introduce students to the fundamentals and theories involved in vocational evaluation and work adjustment services. Additionally, this program will provide the student with knowledge of the instruments and techniques used to assess personal characteristics (such as aptitude, achievement, interest, values, and other personal traits) as well as worker’s traits, vocational skills, assets and limitations. Such areas will be addressed as computer assisted technology, assessment measures and techniques, interpretation of data from assessment instruments, report writing and ethics. This certificate program will prepare students to work more effectively evaluating individuals with disabilities and providing work adjustment services and recommendations, consequently, improving employment outcomes and job retention. The scope of the knowledge and skills required of one providing vocational evaluation and work adjustment services to individuals with disabilities is both comprehensive and specialized. It is a role, which involves a level of sensitivity to the cultural diversity of test takers. Additionally, it requires knowledge of the selection of appropriate evaluation tools, the purpose of test taking, and an understanding of ethical issues as well as the available testing technologies. This program consists of a minimum of 15 semester hours. Students must complete 12 semester hours of coursework and an internship of 3 semester hours.

Core Courses
15 Credits

The five courses are as follows:

REHB 500
Sign Language I
REHB 507
Introduction to Assistive Technology
REHB 513
Introduction to Rehabilitation
REHB 526
Internship I
REHB 598
Vocational Evaluation and Assessment of Individuals with Disabilities