Opthalmic Research Students

Since the establishment of this laboratory, about 2 years ago, several students have received hands-on biomedical research exposure in the Ophthalmic Research Laboratory.

Current Students

Photo of Ophthalmic Research Laboratory student Kristen

Kristen Deacon

Senior, Biology Major

Photo of Ophthalmic Research Laboratory student Femi

Femi Olurunfemi

Senior, Biology Major

Oluchukwu Usoh

Past Students

  • 2017-2018  Destiny Brown, Brina Smith, Dahlia Copeland, Erika Monk
  • 2016-2017  Mariah Benjamin, Darnell Fisher, Chisomaga Madufor

Summer Interns

  • 2018  Varsha Pudi
  • 2017  High school seniors, Mallika Kadabha and Melinda Gwanzura
CSU Student Destiny

"I began working in the lab with Dr. Hegde in order to fulfill a requirement for my major program. In the time that I have been in the lab I have been able to extensively utilize the scientific process and gained a more tangible understanding of the information I learned in my classes through the semesters. Being able to put what I've learned into practice has been a whole new learning experience that's allowed me to see the value of research as a crucial part of a student's educational development and for biomedical advancement in understanding disease mechanisms and develop therapies.”

Destiny, Biology Major