Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The council is a consultative body with representation from each college, the Honors program and graduate programs, which advises the director of the office on initiatives and programs, guidelines and policies, applications for funding and on other matters.

Current members are:

Honors: Dean Ron Collins

Graduate School: Dean Mary Owens Southall, PhD.

College of Arts, Sciences & Education: Elaine Sykes, DMin., Foreign Languages Coordinator, Dept. of Humanities

College of Business: Yangsoon Song, PhD., Chair Dept. of Management Sciences and Management Information Systems

College of Education: Jackie Williams, PhD., Chair Dept. of Adult and General Education

College of Behavioral & Social Sciences: James Stewart, PhD., Chair Dept. of Applied Psychology and Rehabilitative Counseling

College Health Professions: Mona Calhoun, Chair of Health Information Management

The Advisory Council is chaired by Doug Reardon, PhD., the director of the Office of International Programs.