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FYE StudentsThe FYE Student Steering Committee and FYE Peer mentors strive to contribute to an academic community that effectively improves persistence, retention and academic success for all undergraduate students. Through programming and various support services, our Student Steering and Peer Mentors' Committees are determined to see that their peers thrive and to exit the university well educated and competitively trained to participate in their communities as lifelong learners. FYE Steering & Peer Mentors are dedicated to serving our students' family members and are currently recruiting parents, guardians, or family friends for membership in the FYE Parents Club.

Meet the Committee Members

LaShawn AllenLaShawn Allen

My name is La’ Shawn Allen. I am currently a senior here at the great Coppin State University. I am a Social Worker major. After graduating, I plan to attend Morgan State University’s School of Social Work to pursue a master’s degree. As a member of the student Steering Committee, I help plan meaningful events for the students at Coppin State University, assist the committee in tutoring students, and serving as the liaison between the student body and the advisor of the First Year Experience Program. In addition to being a member of the Student Steering Committee, I currently serve as the president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a member of the Student Activity Programming Board. Although my passion lies in event planning and programming, after completing college tenor I plan to pursue a career in Forensic Social Work.


De'Ja AlstonDe'Ja Alston


Shanae BarnesShanae Barnes

My name is Shanae Corrine Barnes. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I am a part of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. I am a proud member of FYE Student Steering Committee and I will graduate from Coppin in 2018. The First Year Experience program has actually been the most special part of my Coppin experience so far. My career goals and dreams are to obtain my bachelor’s degree at Coppin and then go to graduate school to earn my master’s degree. Upon completing graduate school, I would like to work closely with disadvantaged, abused and broken families to help them get their lives back on the right track. I would also like to start my very own non-profit organizations called "Sistas United" and "Brothers 4 Brothas."

When I graduate and get further into my career I would like to return to Coppin and create an interactive course for students to take for empowerment, uplifting, and learning to cope. This would be a course/program that helps students that may be struggling with conditions like ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and depression. There are too many students struggling to get through college with a lot stress and problems, and too often they don't know how to fight through the illness and depressive thoughts. I would love this course to be my legacy.


Mariah BenjaminMariah Benjamin


Chelsea L. BrownChelsea L. Brown

My name is Chelsea L. Brown and I am from Newport News, VA. Currently, I am a junior with a major in Marketing and a minor in Business. As of December 2015, I became a member of the First Year Experience Student Steering Committee. I joined this group because they help students show their full potential through academic studies. Also, they have fun activities when students need be relieved of pressures from their daily classes. In 2018, I plan to graduate with honors and have a job in my field of study. I hope to have a job as a Buyer in the Fashion/Art Industry. It is my dream to use my creative fashion sense and direct a well-respected corporation in the industry as to what they should put in their stores. Something special I have found at Coppin is excellent academic advisors and teachers that want to see me succeed. They want to make sure I have the keys to success by helping with my academic career and that I have everything I need in order to graduate. When I leave Coppin, I want to leave behind a fulfilled legacy in knowing that I was a part of something great. For the next student entering into Coppin, they should they should choose wisely and make their next four years their best years in their life.


Elizabeth DuncanElizabeth Duncan

Elizabeth Duncan is a senior Entertainment Management major! Outside of being a First Year Experience Peer Leader, Elizabeth is the president of Student Alumni Ambassador's Club and serves as the Director of Ministry for the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Nu Omega Sorority Inc. In her free time she serves with her sorority, with her church, and with her neighborhood civic association. With singing being her number one passion, she has done a wonderful job sharing her gift on campus. Elizabeth remains true to herself and will always remember her favorite quote and scripture, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13


Nyambe LahaiNyambe Lahai

My name is Nyambe Lahai. I am a senior and a Social Work major at Coppin State University. I am determined, committed, and charismatic. I have shown these qualities during my tenure as a member in the First Year Experience Student Steering Committee since 2012. As a member, I often plan effective programs and events for students made to improve their college experience. My passion is to help others. After graduating, I plan on attending Morgan State University for my master’s degree, and work towards my goal of becoming an international social worker. Although I would like to be a helper and steward of my community, I believe that there is a strong need for help in many rural areas all around the world, and I feel that I can assist in helping communities here and abroad.


Progress LeviProgress Levi

My name is Progress Levi. I am from Imo state, Nigeria and I am a computer science major at Coppin. I am a member of the First Year Experience Student Steering Committee, the STEM club and the International Students Club. I will graduate in May 2018. One thing I have found special in Coppin is the way the university supports all students. Coppin exposes students to platforms for scholarships, internships and volunteer opportunities.

My career goal is to be a computer programmer and web/software developer. My dream is to be in a position to provide African schools with more accessible technology, and give back to the community by sponsoring students who are interested in studying abroad. When I leave Coppin, I want to be able to inspire students, especially international students so they know that not being a US citizen or permanent resident cannot and should not limit their dreams, and stop them from achieving their goals.


Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

The Coppin State University chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for First-Year Students was approved on May 9, 2016.