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Series and Topics

Series and Topics

Clac meets mosbyClac christmas

CSU partners with internal and external organizations, groups and individuals to provide monthly programs focusing on the Four Factors of Life: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.

Conversation Series (1) – Spirituality

  • Dynamics of a LadyCLAC Faith
  • Religion vs. Spirituality
  • The Daily Bread, devotional lessons.
  • Celebrating Holidays
  • Forgiving and letting go

Conversation Series (2) – Peers

  • Who can I run to, if not my peers?Clac family
  • Does a boyfriend/girlfriend benefit me?
  • Surrounding YOU with positive influences.
  • Places to go and people to see.
  • Is Greek for me?
  • Bring Awareness to Violence Against Ladies

Clac yoga with chancellorClac ladies

Conversation Series (3) – Health and Appearance

  • Getting rid of the Baltimore belly! Clac fitness
  • Adding more colors to your diet!
  • What’s your status, (Kappa Alpha Psi AIDs Event)
  • Inside Out!  “Does your appearance suck”
  • The Look for less!  “Beyoncé Dreams on a Walmart Budget”
  • Dress for Stature “Hold it together”
  • Free wellness memberships!!!
  • Health, Well-being and Self Esteem in CSU Ladies
  • Etiquette Luncheon
  • Your Image Matters

Conversation Series (4) – Finance and Future Goals

  • Crafts and Hobbies, making extra money…Clac finance
  • EBay earnings, how to start a business.
  • Savings, the $7 per day plan.
  • The art of giving back…
  • “Wants Verses Needs”
  • Smart money Negotiation Workshop
  • Resume Writing workshop
  • Ladies to Ladies Struggles 101
  • Balancing the demands of study and parenthood
  • Developing a Professional Brand