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Mission and Objective

Mission and Objective


The mission of Connecting Ladies Across Campus is to build and cultivate the esteem of the Coppin State University lady with the ultimate goal of empowering her in womanhood.  Paired with a mentor from the university’s faculty or staff, the Connecting Ladies Across Campus mentoring program supports CSU student from all backgrounds in making ethical decisions in life that will lead to a successful future.  In keeping with the university’s retention and graduation initiatives this program provides support and encouragement through the attainment of the CSU lady’s undergraduate degree.  


The objective of Connecting Ladies Across Campus is to address the personal and pre-professional needs of the Coppin State University lady through a mutually beneficial student-staff mentoring experience.  Designed to enhance the mentoring experience and to foster personal growth, CLAC is a year-long “conversation series” in the form of workshops and intimate group discussions that address four life factors that prove determinants of student success.  Those four life factors pertinent to the mission of this program are faith, family, fitness, and finance. 

  1.  Faith - Spirituality
  2.  Family - Peers
  3.  Fitness - Health and Appearance
  4.  Finance - Future Goals


Connecting Ladies Across Campus