Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Coppin State University entered the twenty-first century and its second century of operation committed to a core set of values which embrace participation, diversity, and organization. The power and effectiveness of the institution are enhanced because the College values:

  • employees and students actively participating in any discussion or decision affecting them;
  • diversity in perspectives leading to a deeper understanding of organizational reality and an enriched knowledge base for decision making;
  • employees and students resolving conflict in a healthy way that leads to stronger solutions for complex issues;
  • employees and students reflecting on their own and other’s thinking in order to achieve better organizational decisions;
  • employees and students acknowledging mistakes and learning from them;
  • employees and students who recognize the three functions of an institution of higher education (instruction, research, and service) and understand the primacy of instruction (teaching);
  • employees and students who recognize the importance of the students and their centrality to the College environment.

These values are based on the power of the organization as a whole and reflect the University’s commitment to the Board of Reagents’ Policy on Shared Governance in the University of Maryland System (B.O.R. 1 – 6.00 – 1)

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