SAH Faculty and Staff

Hours and Location
Mon-Fri8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Health & Human Services Bldg.
Room 125
Faculty and Staff
School of Allied Health


Ms. Amelia Bell-Hawkins
(410) 951-2624

Ms. Robin Butler
Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Mona Calhoun
Chairperson, Health Information Management
(410) 951-2622

Dr. Marcella A. Copes
Dean and Professor
(410) 951-3990

Ms. Zakevia Green
Assistant Professor
(410) 951-6171

Ms. Carolyn Eberly
Assistant Professor

Dr. Nayna Philipsen
(410) 951-2630

Dr. Joan Tilghman
Associate Dean of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing and Professor
(410) 951-3990

Ms. Denyce Watties-Daniels
Assistant Professor, Director of the SimCenter
(410) 951-3974


Hillary Bain

Ms. Hillary Bain
Nursing Recruiter (STAR)
(410) 951-3912
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131W

Billy Best

Mr. Billy Best
Director Student Affairs
(410) 951-6159
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131U

Darryl Boyd

Mr. Darryl A. Boyd
Admissions Coordinator
(410) 951-3988
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131V

Ms. Shirley Carr
Administrative Assistant II
(410) 951-3962
Bldg: HHSB Room: 133

Debra Chaplin

Ms. Debra Chaplin
Business Manager
(410) 951-3993
Bldg: HHSB Room: 133-F

Mr. Dana Crank
Administrative Assistant
(410) 951-6157
Bldg: HHSB Room: 429

Ms. Delores Dale
Accounting Clerk III
(410) 951-6175
Bldg: HHSB Room: 133-E

Shavon Darden

Ms. Shavon Darden, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner and Associate Director of CSU Community Health Center
(410) 951-4182
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131

Dr. Terri Hackett
Director of Retention
(410) 951-3582
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131X

Ms. Keri Hickey
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(410) 951-3963
Bldg: HHSB Room: 429

Starr Mickle

Ms. Starr Mickle
Clinic Coordinator/Billing Specialist
(410) 951-4188
Bldg: HHSB Room:131

Ms. Cindy Nicholas
Administrative Assistant II
(410) 951-4221
Bldg: HHSB Room: 133

Ms. Tia Parker
Certified Medical Assistant
(410) 951-4188
Bldg: HHSB, Room: 131

Emma Patterson-Crosby

Ms. Emma Patterson-Crosby
Executive Administrative Assistant
(410) 951-3981
Bldg: HHSB Room: 125

Beverly Richards

Ms. Beverly Richards
Director of Development
(410) 951-2638
Bldg: HHSB Room: 133-C

Ms. Valarie Rivera
Certified Medical Assistant
(410) 951-4180
Bldg: HHSB Room: 131

Dr. James Smith
Special Assistant to the Dean
(410) 951-6162
Bldg: HHSB Room: 429H

Ms. Katoria Smith-Tinsley
Administrative Assistant II
(410) 951-3967
Bldg: HHSB Room: 431

Ms. Jennifer Veale
Executive Administrative Assistant
(410) 951-6165
Bldg: HHSB Room: 430