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Collegiate Recreational Sports
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Collegiate Recreational Sports
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Intramural Sports provides an opportunity for students and faculty/staff to remain active by competing in their favorite sport(s) throughout the entire school year. Whether you are looking for a recreational or competitive level of play, Intramural Sports has something to offer.

A combination of team sports, individual/dual sports, and special events are available; here are just a few examples:

  • Team Sports: Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Softball
  • Individual/dual sports: Tennis, 9 ball
  • Special events: King of the Court 3on3 Basketball, Battleship, Kick/Punt/Pass

Whatever your sport interest may be, Intramural Sports has something to offer you.

Club Sports

The Coppin State University (CSU) Club Sports Program is governed by the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. The program offers a variety of sporting activities for student involvement. The sporting activities consist of individual and team sports, both competitive and instructional. Previous experience is not a prerequisite for Club Sports.

Club Sports are excellent opportunities for students to continue to play sports at a competitive level while developing and refining leadership skills. Club Sports assist students with leadership development, decision-making skills, and conflict resolution. Club Sports are not varsity athletics. They are student organizations.