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Special Reports
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In December of 2012 the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents (BOR) appointed a 14-member Special Review Committee, chaired by Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, to assess the current situation at Coppin State University and make recommendations for improvements. In May of 2013 the CSU Special Review Committee presented its findings and recommendations to the BOR who, in turn, charged Coppin's new President Mortimer Neufville with developing a plan to address the Special Review Committees report and improve the university's performance. President Neufville, in collaboration with representatives from major department's campus wide and shared governance representatives, developed the CSU Implementation Plan to improve the university which was accepted by the USM-BOR in June of 2013.

The CSU Implementation Plan consists of 50-targeted actions to address the 3-primary goals: To improve student retention and graduation rates; strengthen academic programs; and improve fiscal and administrative operations and accountability. To date, significant progress has been made to implement the plan which is making a difference in the day-to-day operations of the university and the level of service and support provided to ensure success for Coppin's students.

The Coppin Special Review Committee Report and the CSU Implementation Plan, including "real time" updates on the actions taking place, are available to the entire Coppin Campus Community and other key stakeholders through this website by accessing http://alamo/sites/stf/OP/SRC/SitePages/Home.aspx