Eagle Spotlight: Dawn Anderson '83

Published Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Always Giving

Eagle Alumni SpotlightDawn Anderson does not miss any of her daughter’s events.  Be it a track meet, school event, or a college tour, Dawn is there.  But it wasn’t always that way. In 1999, both Dawn and her husband Arthur had careers that required a lot of travel.  “It was heartbreaking,” Dawn remembers, “your daughter wanting to spend all her time with the nanny.”  So just before Lauren’s second birthday, Dawn, then Unit Manager for Phillip Morris, decided to stop working and focus more on her family.  Dawn has been actively involved in all of her daughter’s undertakings ever since.  From teacher’s aide and working with the school board to event volunteer and chauffeuring Lauren and her friends, Dawn is involved in it all.  “She asked me was I coming to college with her” Dawn recalls.

Even at age 15, Lauren is very focused on college.  The Andersons believe that education was the key to their success; both Dawn and her husband have graduate degrees.  “There were six kids in my family so my parents didn’t talk much about us attending college,” Dawn states. Since Lauren is their only child, the Andersons are able to concentrate on her and ensure that she understands the importance of attending college.  Although Arthur is pushing for Syracuse University, his alma mater, Dawn just wants Lauren to have a great college experience like she did.  Dawn has fond memories of her time at Coppin and feels her Management Science degree well prepared her for the retail management industry where she spent most of her career.

Although Dawn is actively involved with her family’s activities, she still finds time to give more.  She is a board member and mentor with the Truth for Women Center, an organization that helps women confronting life issues through support, education and advocacy.  Dawn is also working on her Counseling Certificate from the American Association of Christian Counselors. “I tell people I’m a professional volunteer,” Dawn jokes.  But she gives much more than just her time and talents.  The Andersons are loyal donors to not only Coppin State University, but to every school they have attended. 

Dawn feels a sense of responsibility to act on her beliefs and help others with what she has. Lauren witnesses this generosity on a regularly basis so it is no surprise that she is actively involved in several community service organizations at her school and church and often volunteers with her mother.  Dawn Anderson’s commitment to her family and her community sets an example not only for her daughter Lauren, but for us all.

To learn more about the Truth for Women Center visit truthforwomen.org.


Shawna Rodgers