Honorable Mention Award for CSU CHP Student Health Information Management Association (SHIMA)

Published Saturday, April 26th, 2014

And the Award Goes To…Robin Butler

We are very excited to announce the big research poster board Honorable Mention Award for Coppin State University College of Health Professions’ Student Health Information Management Association (SHIMA), which included presenters: Eugene Jones III, Ana Chicas, Roxane Rose, Darlene Cochrane-Lee and Bezaye Desta. This was a great accomplishment for the HIM students because 16 posters were submitted; four of which were Graduate posters. SHIMA won Honorable Mention and the Morgan State University student won as Honoree. Morgan State University presented the SHIMA student winners with a gold medal, a small monetary award that will be used for growing the student organization, and certificates that will be mailed to each individual poster board participant.

During this awards ceremony, Morgan State University also hosted a weekend symposium; which embraced the theme of “Equity in Health Profession Careers.” This opportunity was ideal for the HIM Management Affiliation students to not only support SHIMA but fully participate by attending the event. The College of Health Professions Health Information Management students really showed support for their peers by filling Morgan's doors with over 35 students attending both days (Friday and Saturday).

Morgan’s Dean of Public Health and Health Professions along with many of its invited mentors were not only intrigued by the number of our students attending, but so proud of them for displaying such professionalism. Not only did it make me Coppin Proud, but it really made me proud of the students and their overall zest for the knowledge that was put in place for them.

Due to the overwhelming response of our hosts and many great mentors, they would like to continue to build more official relationships with Coppin State University College of Health Professions. I think this is a wonderful start for assisting to develop and empowering our future leaders. It is also a start for us to show them the same wonderful hospitality that we received this weekend.

Hooray for SHIMA and the Health Information Management Students!