Information Systems

Hours and Location
Mon-Fri8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Science and Technology Center
4th Floor

The Information Systems department provides technical support for many of the computer applications on campus including 'EagleLINKS', the Campus ERP system enabling 24 x 7 access for Students, Faculty, and Staff. Other responsibilities include client consultations, software analysis, software development and implementation, system verification, data storage and retrieval, and facilitating user access so the information can be used to support campus decision making.

EagleLINKS Accounts:

  • Employee - New EagleLINKS accounts are created automatically when Human Resources department enters new hire data into the EagleLINKS system.
  • Student - New EagleLINKS accounts are created automatically when an admitted student is "matriculated/term activated". Then a letter containing log-in information such as User-ID, Password and other instructions is sent by the Office Records and Registration to the student.
  • Depending upon whether it is a student, faculty or staff, certain Network and EagleLINKS privileges are automatically assigned. Eg, Share drives, email, home directory, Time Entry, Faculty Center etc.
  • If you need to change or update your access, you MUST submit an EagleLINKS account request form with appropriate approval.
  • Access to departmental information must be approved by the department that maintains such information (E.g., Access to HR data will need approval of HR Director or the VPAF, Access to Student Information will require approval of the Registrar or VPEM).