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Next Steps

  1. If you have not already spoken with a representative of the One Step Away program, please complete the response form on this website.

  2. Complete the FASFA Application.

  3. Complete the CSU Undergraduate Application for Reinstatement (Degree Seeking).

    • If you have been away from Coppin for a year or less then you need to fill out the reinstatement application and provide a picture ID (no tax forms are required)
    • If you have been away from Coppin more than a year then you will need to provide the certified 502/503 Maryland State tax form with the application and picture ID
    • If you were a non-Maryland resident and you are seeking to become a Maryland resident upon your return, you must submit the application, picture ID and Residency Petition Form
    • If you are non-Maryland and you are not seeking to be classified as a Maryland resident than then you should submit an application and picture ID

    Please Note:

    • $35.00 reinstatement application fee be charged starting Spring 2014.
    • The certified copy of your Maryland tax return (forms 502 and 503) required for the proof of residency portion of the reinstatement application can be obtained free of charge from the State Comptroller's Office

    For same day service, you can go to the Comptroller's office with your photo id:

    Comptroller's Baltimore City Office
    301 W Preston Street
    Room 206
    Baltimore, MD 21201-2384

    Or, you may fax your name, social security number, address, day time phone number, and signature to the central file unit at (410) 974-2967 (fax number). (will take 7 -10 days to receive the documents)

  4. Schedule an appointment with the One Step Away program Project Assistant, Ms. Alethea Smith at (410) 951-6099 or

    Please note that if a prior financial obligation to the university has been preventing you from completing your degree, you will need to either pay off the debt, or arrange a payment plan with the CSU Bursar in order to be eligible for reinstatement. The One Step Away program is interested in helping you alleviate this burden in order for you to complete your degree. Please contact the program so that we may have the opportunity to assess how we may assist you in your goals.