SASA Policies and Procedures

Hours and Location
Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
Grace Jacobs, Rm 303C

Policies and Procedures


Daily attendance is mandatory for all classes and program activities. Students will not be excused for personal appointments during class time. Students must adhere to all attendance guidelines or be dismissed from the SASA program.


To benefit from the program, students must complete homework assignments each night. Instructors will check homework daily. Tutors are available to assist with homework and study issues and concerns.


Students must submit a writing portfolio containing various assignments at the end of the program. The portfolio will demonstrate student readiness for the quality of work required in the University.

First Year Support Activities:

SASA students will be required to participate in student support activities facilitated by the University College and other resource areas throughout their tenure at Coppin State University.

Attire and Code of Conduct

  • Ladies – Tank tops, camis, mid-rift and low-cut tops, belly shirts, short-shorts, Low riders, spandex, micro-minis and halter tops are not allowed. No hats or doo-rags may be worn during classes.
  • Gentlemen - Tank tops and cut-off pants are not allowed. No hats, doo rags, or bandannas may be worn during classes.
  • Cell phones, pagers, or headphones are not allowed during classroom instruction.
  • Students may not receive phone calls or respond to text messages during class hours.
  • SASA students are expected to interact with Coppin faculty staff in a mature and professional manner and uphold the decorum of the University.