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Licensure and Certification Programs

Post Masters Certificate in Counseling Licensure

This program addresses the need to provide values-based training, collaborative opportunities for the community, and graduate specialist education to enhance counseling, rehabilitation and mental health services, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities and those in need of special counseling services. This program supports the State of Maryland’s goal to educate and train qualified counseling professionals to meet the growing demand for counselors, and to gain meaningful and economically rewarding employment for counseling professionals. Competencies are obtained via education, theory, and application oriented field-based activities gained from community programs, and other community services. The program emphasis responds to the documented training needs and certification requirements for personnel in rehabilitation settings, private agencies, and particularly in state agencies and community based programs.

Educational Objective:

The objective of the PMCCL in Professional Counselor Certification & Licensure is to provide a structure in which those students who are preparing to apply for State of Maryland Certification or Licensure as a professional counselor can complete required courses. CSU’s post-graduate option will provide the opportunity for students with a Masters degree to complete the requirements needed to become licensed clinical professional counselors and independent providers of counseling services in the Sate of Maryland. The program course offerings of the PMCCL has been approved by the Maryland Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors and are offered within the School of Professional Studies Department of Applied Psychology & Rehabilitation Counseling.

Program Description:

Students will be assigned a faculty advisor who will assist with developing an individual program plan, which is designed, based on previous qualifying coursework that adheres to State of Maryland licensure requirements. Enrollment and acceptance into the PMCCL is open to individuals who have completed a Masters degree from an accredited institution in a qualifying program of study. The course offerings cover all content areas required by the Maryland State Board of Licensure to meet exam requirements for licensure, and each student must complete all content area coursework. An assigned advisor or the Program Director must approve all individual programs of study. Interested students are required to complete 30 credit hours in the PMCCL in order to satisfy the program requirements.

Expected Students Learning Outcomes and Students/Constituencies to be Served:

This Post Masters Certificate in Counseling Licensure (PMCCL) is designed for students enrolled in the CSU Rehabilitation Counseling or Alcohol & Substance Abuse Masters Programs, and other qualified professionals who are preparing to apply for State of Maryland Certification or Licensure as a professional counselor. Students meeting the requirements for licensure will increase the number of professionals licensed to provide professional counseling services to individuals requiring counseling intervention in the State of Maryland.

Criteria for Admission:

Students apply to the Coppin State University School of Graduate Studies through the Office of Admissions. The Dean of the Graduate School in cooperation with the Rehabilitation Counseling Program Coordinator make admission decisions. These persons constitute the Graduate Admissions Committee. In keeping with the current graduate admission policy applicants must submit:

  • A completed application
  • The current application fee as established by the University
  • Official transcripts from the undergraduate degree granting institution, and all other colleges and universities attended
  • Three (3) current letters of reference from the current employer, instructors, or other persons who can attest to their character, integrity, and academic potential
  • A Statement of Purpose

In addition to official transcripts, three (3) letters of reference, and a Statement of Purpose, the student must have at minimum 3.0 GPA.

Other Certifications

  1. CRC Counselor Certification
  2. National Certified Counselor (NCC) Certification
  3. State of Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor