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Areas of Specialization

Other than a Master's of Education degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, students may choose to specialize in one of three areas:

  • Alcoholism Counseling and Addiction Services
    The Alcoholism and Addiction Services specialty area is designed to prepare rehabilitation counselors to work with persons having alcohol and drug related problems. In addition to taking the required courses for the general master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, students must take six (18 graduate credits) additional courses.

  • Human Resources Management
    The Human Resources Management specialty area is intended to prepare rehabilitation counselors who will qualify for administrative positions in human services agencies. A total of 67 graduate credit hours (which is the equivalent of 18 additional credit hours in the specialty area) is required.

  • Rehabilitation Research Training
    The Rehabilitation Research Training specialty area is proposed to introduce students to research and the applications of statistics and methodology. Emphasis is placed on the collection, analysis and interpretation of data for purposes of program evaluation and other research activities. In addition to satisfying the general requirements of the master’s of rehabilitation counseling program, students must take six additional courses (18 additional graduate credits).

Additional coursework is required and this varies according to the area of specialization as indicated in the following descriptions.

Note:Specific course requirements for all three specialty areas are delineated in the Coppin State University Catalog.