The purpose of the STEM Club is to increase the awareness of STEM career choices and course selection requirements among students in order to promote student participation in the established STEM disciplines.

The vision of the club is to ensure that every student enrolled in the Coppin State University STEM program is aware and excited about the broad spectrum of science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers as viable and attainable career options.

Its goal is to increase the percentage of students who participate in the STEM Club and ensure continuity in their post-graduate education at institutions of higher education in STEM disciplines.

The members of the club urge all STEM students to seek

  • Superior grades in science, technology, and mathematics courses.
  • Educational and professional exposure to careers through conferences and workshops.
  • Recruitment of high school students into the STEM program.
  • Participation in service learning opportunities in the community.

STEM students participate in the following co-curricular activities:

  • Facilitated Tutoring Program
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Faculty-student research
  • Summer internships
  • Beta Kappa Chi National Honor Society, CSU chapter
  • Technology infusion in courses
  • Exposure program with Johns Hopkins University and National Institute of Health