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Campus opens at 10:00 am for Tuesday January 27, 2015.

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Academic Offerings


The prerequisite for all Honors Program courses is admission to the Honors Program or McNair Program or permission of Honors College Dean.

ENGL 103 Honors English Composition I
ENGL 104 Honors English Composition II
HIST 209 Honors U.S. History I
HIST 210 Honors U.S. History II
HIST 211 Honors World History I
HIST 212 Honors World History II
HIST 213 Honors African American History I
HIST 214 Honors African American History II
HLTH 103 Honors Health and Wellness
HONS 150 Honors Community Service Seminar
HONS 380 Honors Introduction to Research I*
HONS 381 Honors Introduction to Research II* (or PSYC 344)
HONS 390 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar
HONS 391 Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar
HONS 470 Honors Field Practicum I
HONS 471 Honors Field Practicum II
HONS 480 Honors Research Assistantship
HONS 490 Honors Thesis*
PHIL 204 Honors Introduction to Philosophy
PSYC 211 Honors General Psychology
PSYC 344 Experimental Psychology
SPCH 104 Honors Speech Communication
WLIT 208 Honors World Literature

*Required of all McNair Scholars.

Honors College

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