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Mature Student Services

Mature Student Services provide services for the CSU Mature Students that capitalize on the strengths that they bring to the University while bridging the gaps that exist for them through appropriate programming and utilization of University resources.

The focus will be on supporting the mature students to engage in mainstream University activities while knowing that specialized services are available on an as needed basis. While respecting their maturity and independence, they will be provided opportunities to be mentees or mentors; recipients or providers of tutoring services; planners or participants in "just for fun" events; and leaders or members of University student organizations such as the Mature Student Society.

The typical mature student may be:

  • A current, returning, and first time university mature student
  • A non-traditional student, aged 25 and above
  • Requiring services based on expressed, obvious, and identified needs
  • In need of campus and/or outside referrals
  • Expected to change their level of involvement & service needs over time

Traditional Commuter Student Services

Traditional Commuter Student Services provide services for CSU Traditional Commuter Student that recognize that they have decided by choice or circumstances commute to the University on a daily or class driven basis.

Services are designed to address the needs and aspirations of Traditional Commuter Students. These students may need guidance in managing their time and responsibilities. Initially, they may see their inability to successfully manage all segments of their lives as an indication that they should not be attending college at this time.

Therefore, services will be multi-faceted based on university data and the SLC intake process. These students will be encouraged and guided to experience the academic and student life aspects of the University as their schedules allow.

Though nurtured and guided as needs indicate, there is a sequential release timeline that will empower them to move out into mainstream university activities.

The typical traditional commuter student may be:

  • A part or full time employee
  • A commuter, aged 18 to 24 years old
  • A single parent
  • A caregiver for one or more family members

Civic Responsibility & Student Engagement

Specific programs such as the Charles B. Wright Leadership Institute and the Civic Responsibility and Community Engagement component of SLC will serve as the vehicles to be used for collaborative efforts among all segments of the student body.

Student Life Programming Advisory Council (SLPAC)

The Council is composed of trained student leaders charged to recommend and assist the Student Life Director in planning and implementing programming activities for students in general but specifically for Mature Students (MSS) and Traditional Commuter Students (TCSS).

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