New Student Orientation

Follow this simple checklist to prepare for New Student Orientation

Be sure to bring the following with you for New Student Orientation

  • Bring photo identification.
  • Make sure you have your Coppin Eagle card. To obtain your card contact the Eagle Card Services office at 410-951-3570.
  • Send verification of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), if it is not already on file with the University. It is extremely important that each student provides the University with updated verification of vaccinations. Students who do not comply with this Maryland state law will be removed from classes. Contact the Coppin State University Student Health Center at (410) 951-4188 with any questions.
  • Send official transcripts for Advanced Placement credit, college credits or credits for any other special programs to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.
  • Bring a sweatshirt or jacket, as the air-conditioning at Coppin is quite powerful!
  • Bring linens (pillowcase, sheets and towels, etc).
  • Bring an umbrella.
  • Bring a small light. There are no freestanding lamps in the individual rooms.
  • Bring extra spending money (optional). Some students choose to shop at the Coppin State University Bookstore.

After New Student Orientation

  • Prepare for the spring semester.
  • Classes begin on January 27, 2014.

Orientation: Spring 2014