To Do List

Complete now:

1. Apply for Financial Aid
Deadline: Immediately
2. Complete Admissions Process (if applicable) Deadline: ASAP
3. Submit $50 acceptance fee Deadline: ASAP
4. Activate your CSU Email Account Deadline: ASAP
5. Placement Testing Deadline: August 17, 2016
6. Register for New Student Orientation Deadline: Prior to your desired Orientation date. (Students can choose from the three dates listed.)
7. Complete Housing Request/Payments Deadline: ASAP
8. Accept Financial Aid Packages Deadline: Within two weeks of notification letter/email.
9. Request Disability Support Services Deadline: ASAP (if applicable)
10. Register for Emergency Text Messaging Deadline: ASAP
11. Get your CSU Eagle Card Date: Students will be able to get their CSU Eagle Card before leaving from New Student Orientation.

Complete on or before July:

12. Learn about Student Organizations Deadline: July 1 (Suggested)
13. Review Your Online Fall Term Bill Deadline: July 18

Complete on or before August:

14. Submit Final Official Transcript Deadline: August 1
15. Complete Housing Move In requirements And Vaccine Deadline: August 8
16. Attend "CSU Welcome Week" Events Event Dates: Monday, August 22, 2016 through August, 26, 2016
17. Learn How We Will Communicate With You After Classes Begin Deadline: ASAP

Complete on or before September:

18. Pay Tuition Bill Deadline: Before the add/drop period ends (typically ends the second week of classes)
19. Purchase or Change Dining Plan (commuter) Deadline: ASAP
20. Determine Parking Plans Deadline: August 18
New Student Orientation