The mission of the New Student Orientation at Coppin State University is to ease the transition of new undergraduate and transfer students into the academic, social and extracurricular communities of the University. The goals of the New Student Orientation Program are to:

  • Assist you in completing the tasks that are required to officially enroll at the University;
  • Assist you as a new or transfer student with your adjustment to the University experience;
  • Ensure that you understand the University's academic and administrative policies, regulations and procedures that will govern your matriculation and activities as a student at Coppin State University;
  • Provide information that will increase your awareness of Coppin's unique tradition and legacy and the significance of your becoming a member of the "Coppin Family" with a commitment to becoming a contributing graduate of the University; and
  • Present information that will assist you in making personal, educational and career choices that will prepare you for a life of high achievement and life-long learning.

Orientation: Spring 2017