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Online Help Center
Instructional Technology & Training

The Instructional Technology Department is delighted to offer the following resources to help you with instructional technology.

You may also get support through email or chat with a live person by calling (410) 951-2643.

Digital Notebook


Would you like access to Instructional Technology Tipsheets and Video Tutorials anytime, anywhere and all in one place?

The Instructional Technology and Training Department is pleased to share our digital notebook with you. What is a digital notebook? It combines the simplicity of a three-ring binder with digital storage, collaboration and interactivity.

This wonderful resource contains tipsheets and video tutorials for faculty use of Coppin's campus technologies including Tegrity, Blackboard, TurnItIn, Lync and NBC Learn. Click here to access the notebook.

If you would like to learn how to create your own digital notebook, feel free to register for any of the upcoming OneNote workshops. Don't forget to check out the Fall Workshop Calendar section in the notebook.

Other Technology Support Centers:

ITD Help Desk

Help Line: (410) 951-3888

Support Areas:

  • Passwords (computer, email, and campus systems such as EagleLINKS, Blackboard)
  • Computer Hardware
  • Network
  • Telephone

IT Student Service Center

Help Line: (410) 951-3872

Support Areas:

  • Student Passwords
  • Student Application Software Orientation
  • Student Blackboard and Tegrity Support
  • Student Laptop Initiative Support
  • Student Hardware Configuration and Wireless Connectivity