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Transfer & Transition Services

Credit is accepted at Coppin for course work completed at any regionally accredited college or university. Students transferring from community or junior colleges and 4-year institutions are not awarded transfer credits for remedial or developmental courses nor will these courses apply for admissions qualifying purposes. Credit is given for all courses that approximate those offered at Coppin or are approved by the Curriculum Committee of the University.

Normally, transfer credit is granted if the student has earned a grade of "C" or higher. The grade of "D" is transferable only if it is part of a granted Associate of Arts degree or if the overall cumulative average from all sending institutions is 2.0 or higher. However, the grade of "D" in freshman English courses or in courses required for the major is not transferable.

Coppin will accept up to 70 credits from two year colleges. In all cases, the applicant must complete the final 30 credit hours in residence at the University.