Board of Directors

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • Supporting the administrator
  • Setting policy
  • Guiding long-range planning and development
  • Raising money and monitoring finances
  • Working cooperatively with other board members

In summary, the directors of nonprofit, tax-exempt community-based organizations are required by law to carry out certain duties. These duties are diverse, but they are linked by the general principle that directors must act for the good of their organizations. The major responsibility of a director is general supervision over the activities of the organization to ensure that it complies with federal and state law and follows limitations on prohibited or restricted activities.

2010 - 2011 Board of Directors

  • Kirk Crawley - President
  • Gwen Shelton - Vice President
  • John Bullock - Treasurer
  • Debra Hurst - Secretary
  • Robert Hunt - Member
  • Cynthia Boersma - Member
  • John Carrington - Member
  • Johns Hopkins - Member
  • Reginald Exum - Ex-Offico
  • Emerson "Randy" Hall - Ex Officio


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