Executive Council

Hours and Location
Mon-Fri8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Miles Connor Admin Bldg.
3rd Floor
Executive Council
Alumni Association

Ms. Elise H. Collier "Bunny", President
Special Education, BS 1975
Email: CoppinAlumniAssoc@yahoo.com

Mr. Michael Chambers, Vice President
Elementary Education, BS 1969
Email: kwabena89@aol.com

Mrs. Sandra Bell Edmonds, Second Vice-President
Elementary Education, BS 1969
Email: sandraedmonds2008@yahoo.com

Mr. Kevin Carr, Parliamentarian
Interdisciplinary Studies, BS 2004
Liberal Arts, MS 2006
Email: kcarr@coppin.edu

Ms. Alice Sue Cooper-Lee, Sergeant-at-Arms
Elementary Education, BS 1965

James "Winky" Camphor, Immediate Past President
Education, BS 1951
Email: peawins5@verizon.net

Marcia Cephus, Director of Alumni Relations
Liberal Arts, BS 2005
Email: mcephus@coppin.edu