University Planning Council


Dr. Mortimer H. Neufville, President

Dr. Sadie Gregory, Provost/Vice President, Academic Affairs, Co-Chair

Dr. Alcott Arthur, Interim Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Douglas Dalzell, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Mr. Michael Bowden, Director, Research and Evaluation

Ms. Linda Bowie, Director, Career Services Center

Dr. Ron Williams, Interim Dean, College of Business

Dr. Franklin Chambers, Vice President, Student Affairs

Dean Ron L. Collins, Dean, Honors College

Dr. Marcella Copes, Dean, College of Health Professions

Dr. Ahmed El-Haggan, Chief Information Officer/Vice President, Information Technology

Dr. Virletta Bryant, Faculty Senate President

Mr. Leonard Hamm, Chief of Police

Mr. Aladdin Fouad, Director of Assessment

Dr. Beverly O'Bryant, Dean, School of Professional Studies

Dr. Mary Owens Southall, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Maqbool Patel, Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

Mr. Derrick Ramsey, Director, Athletics

Mr. John Spinard, Vice President, Administration and Finance

Dr. James P. Takona, Dean, School of Education

Ms. E. Francine Stokes McElveen, Senior Advisor to the President for Legal Affairs

Faculty Representatives: Dr. Felix Abeson, Associate Professor, School of Management Science

Dr. Glynis Barber, Chair, Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School

Student Senate Member: Mr. Stephen Garlington, Research Assistant, Planning & Assessment

Planning and Assessment

Phone: 410.951.6280

Fax: 410.951.6281

Hours of Operation Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Room: 224, 2nd Floor

Health and Human Services Building