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The University subscribes to the belief that careful planning is an essential component of successful institutional management and development. Planning is envisioned as a mechanism through which the mission, goals, and objectives of the institution can be met in an orderly and systematic manner. It is also seen as a means for ensuring that the concerns of the citizens of the Baltimore metropolitan area are considered in program planning and development.

To expedite the master planning process, the President of the University established an office of Planning and Accreditation, administered by the Associate Vice President of Planning and Accreditation, and appointed the Institutional Planning Council. This body meets the third Friday each month during the academic year and is comprised of and monitors institutional planning efforts and provides for broad participation from University personnel, students, alumni and community representatives in the planning process.

The planning model adopted by the Institutional Planning Council requires that each administrative unit establish goals and objectives that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the University and with the plans that have been established by the University System of Maryland, System Administration and the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The President, as chief planning officer, has charged the Associate Vice President of Planning with the responsibility for coordinating the institutional planning effort. In this capacity, the Associate Vice President is expected to collect planning materials from the four administrative units and to incorporate them into periodic master planning documents or annual updates of the master plan. Policies and procedures established to guide the planning process provide a structure for the systematic review and assessment of institutional mission, goals and objectives, and programs and services. Through periodic review, the University will be better able to keep pace with the frequent changes in the social, political and economic conditions that affect higher education.

The current focus of the institutional planning effort is to develop greater institutional strength through:

the creation of more viable academic and career-oriented programs;

the development of more effective techniques for meeting the unique needs of the student population served by the University;

the use of strategies that result in the delivery of programs and services that aid in the solving of some of the problems that confront residents of the central city; and

more effective utilization of University resources.

Planning and Assessment

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