On-Campus Mail Delivery Tips

  1. Update address of staff, students, and businesses to prevent returned mail as undeliverable and duplicate mail.
  2. Sort all mail accordingly:
    • Unstamped letters
    • Frank mail (pre-postage envelopes)
    • International mail
    • Student’s dormitory mail
    • Oversized Letters
    • On-Campus Mail
  3. Use interoffice envelopes for on-campus mail at all times. Refrain from using regular envelopes to prevent the mail center staff from adding postage to on-campus mail. Out-going mail for the day must be in the Mail Center no later than 3:00 p.m. otherwise, any mail received after that time will go out the next business day.
  4. Only official university mail will be processed through the postage meter. Make sure all out-going mail has the sending department name on it.
  5. All departments should notify the mailroom of any addition and/or deletion in their staff.
  6. Make sure all packages shipped to the university Mail Center are addressed to a specific individual to ensure packages/mail are delivered in a timely manner. All packages received without proper identification is opened for inspection by the mail staff to identify the receiver. Packages are returned to the sender if all attempts fail to locate the receiver.


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