Students are reminded that if you live on campus you must have the meal plan. There is no exception to this policy.

2012-2013 Estimated Room and Board Rates:

2012-2013 School Year Room Rates

Per Semester Per School Year
Single (Juniors & Seniors) $2,656.50 $5,313.00
Double (Daley Hall) $2,534.00 $5,068.00
Double (Dedmond Hall) $2,534.00 $5,068.00
Triple (If available) $1,945.50 $3,891.00

2012-2013 School Year Board (Meal) Rates

Per Semester Per School Year
Meal Plan $1,626.50 $3,253.00

All charges listed above are estimated charges that are subject to change without notice.

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