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American Criminal Justice Association - Lambda Alpha Epsilon

The American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon is a National Organization for criminal justice students, professionals in the criminal justice field, as well as those individuals retired from the criminal justice field. This Association has Chapters on both the East and West Coast. Coppin's Chapter is Kappa Alpha Omega, which consist of criminal justice students alumni, and faculty. One of our goals is to improve criminal justice through educational activities.

In order to become a member of the American Criminal Justice Association you must fill out an application and pay a fee of $36.00, with annual dues of $30.00 You must be a criminal justice student or work in or be retired from the criminal justice field in order to become a member. For more information, criminal justice students should contact the Department of Criminal Justice at (410) 951-3050.

Criminal Justice Club

Greetings from the President of the Criminal Justice Club:
In order to join the Criminal Justice Club, your major or minor must be in Criminal Justice. There are no applications to fill out, just look for meeting postings and come to the meetings. The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to promote scholarship and fellowship in the area of Criminal Justice. The club seeks to contribute positively to the legislative process and the criminal justice system, to make students more cognizant of the impact of local, state, and federal laws and public policies and the impact the laws have on the poor, minorities, and the general public.

The Criminal Justice Club is also involved in community relations. The club has donated food and money to the Bea Gaddy Foundation, food and clothing to other churches in the community, fed the homeless, sponsored a Basketball tournament and a Halloween party for the youth of Baltimore City, and an Easter egg hunt, with many more fun time for the kids to come.