Faculty and Staff

Hours and Location
Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
HHSB, Rm 353

Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

James Stewart II

Assistant Professor

Christopher Brittan-Powell

Associate Professor

Katherine Cameron

Assistant Professor
Retention Coordinator

David Graham

Assistant Professor
Coordinator of the Masters Program in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling

Judith Kehe

Assistant Professor

Harry Legum


Rolande Murray

Assistant Professor

Michelle Pointer

Chair of Internal Review Board (IRB)

Gail Satchell

Assistant Professor
Coordinator: Undergraduate Program

Brian Schmitt

Assistant Professor
Assistant to the Dean of the School of Professional Studies

Janet Spry

Coordinator of the Master's program in Rehabilitation Counseling (MED)

Ozietta Taylor

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Cheryl Gross

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Susan Fetcho

Clinical Internship Coordinator

Affiliate (Adjunct) Faculty

Wayne Allen

William Anderson

Curtis Black

James Breeden

Tracee Bryant

Lela Campbell

Jerrold Cooperman

Winwood Curry

Ted Daniels

Beatrice Denefield

Darlene Ginn

JP Gray

James Green

Betty Griffin

Dongran Ha

Vanessa Hawkes

Judith Jimenez

Mahmoud Mast

Marge Mercer

Gail Nicholson

Emily Odilatu

Kunirum Osia

Emmanuella Owobu

Pamela Rice

Kelvin Silvers

Shirley Stokes

Ann Whitehead

Naimah Whittington

Darlene Williams

Denise Williams

Edward Williams

Meatria Williams

Ethel Womble