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Student Resources

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

The Council for Exceptional Children is a professional organization that promotes the advancement and education of all individuals with disabilities. The local chapter (#567) is made up of undergraduate, graduates, and faculty members. All special education teacher candidates are strongly encouraged to join. By joining the CEC you will receive the organization's journals, Exceptional Children and Teaching Exceptional Children and will receive discounts for registration at CEC- sponsored conventions.

Professional Development Schools

Prof. Jermaine Ellerbe, Coordinator

 Grace Jacobs Classroom Building Room 733
 Phone: (410) 951 - 3071

Education Resource Center

Contact Information:

Grace Jacobs Office Classroom Building Room 307
(410) 951 - 4208

Education Technology Center

Contact Information:

Mr. Thomas James, Coordinator

Grace Jacobs Office Classroom Building Room 306
Phone: (410) 951 - 3073
Education Technology Center Website