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How do I declare a major?

Secure a Declaration of Major form from the Office of Admissions. Submit the completed form to the Chairperson of the Department of Health and Human Performance located in the Coppin Center room 139. The Chairperson will sign the form and assign an advisor. Return the form to the Office of Admissions.

Where is the Department of Health and Human Performance located?

The Department of Health and Human Performance is located in the Coppin Center. The main office is in room 136. The Chair's office is located in room 139.

Is this department connected to Athletics?

The Department of Health and Human Performance is separate from Athletics. Our program is an academic program that offers major and minor degrees in health, recreation sports management and dance.

Will I be assigned an advisor when I declare my major?

Yes. There are several faculty members that have sports management and dance degrees who are willing to work with students that are majors or potential majors.

Will I have to go off campus for classes?

It depends on your major. If your major is in Sports Management, the internship may require you to be off campus. The decision is based on your area of concentration and advisors will be available to help you to make the right decision.

Will there be a fee involved for the lab classes?

None at this time, however a few of the dance classes require you to attend dance performances in which an admission fee is paid. Each student is responsible for this payment. Students will also be required to pay for their attire in lab classes. The instructor will give students a list of the appropriate attire for classes.

Will I have to wear a uniform in the activity classes?

All students in physical education activity classes must wear the white "T" shirt and blue shorts with white socks and tennis shoes for their activity classes.

Do I have to rent a lock for my activity classes?

Yes. Locks can be obtained from the main office CC 136 for five dollars. Mrs. Carolyn McGlotten will be able to help you secure a lock for the semester. All locks must be returned by the last day of classes. Students may not use personal locks on lockers in the locker rooms.

Will I be able to have access to the gym, pool, weight room, racquetball areas in the afternoon and evenings?

Yes. The gym area is shared with the Athletic Department. Most of their programs are seasonal. They have priority over the use of these areas in the afternoons and evenings. However there are windows of opportunity in these areas in the early afternoons. The pool is available in the afternoon. The weight room is available in the mornings and afternoons pending training times for the athletic teams. The dance studio is available in the early afternoon and some weekends. Check with the Department of Health and Human Performance and Athletics for schedules or notices.

Can I be exempted from a health or physical education class?

Yes. If you have taken a health classes at another accredited institution and can provide the necessary documentation you may be exempted from the health course at CSU. Students who have had military training or other related training can be exempted from physical education courses.

How can I join the Coppin Dancers?

Audition notices are posted at the beginning of each semester in the Residential Hall and in the Department. For further information call (410) 951-3355.