Curriculum and Program Information

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Curriculum and Program Information

The Department of History, Geography, and International Studies offers a major in history with several concentrations and minors in History, African-American Studies, and Global Studies.

General Education Requirements in History

Every student is required to take 6 credit hours in History, choosing both courses from one of the following groups:

  • HIST 201 World History I
  • HIST 202 World History II
  • HIST 203 U.S. History I
  • HIST 203 U.S. History II
  • HIST 205 African American History I
  • HIST 206 African American History II

Note: Students may not mix courses from different groups.

GER Requirements

One must take 6 credits hours in history: US History I & II OR World History I & II Or African American History I & II. Note: You cannot take the courses out of sequence.

Concentrations Offered

The Department of History, Geography and Global Studies offers concentrations in African, African American, and U.S. History, Social Studies Teacher Education, and Global Studies.

What can I do with a degree in history?

Obtaining a degree in history can be rewarding, for the study of history prepares a student for the dynamics of business, government, or nonprofit careers. Also, historical scholarship trains the mind to think on many levels, to deal with partial evidence and with ambiguity.

Career Options

While the career opportunities for someone with a history degree are endless, one may consider historic preservation, archival and record-keeping services, communications media, law, etc. to name a few. (See section, Careers in History)

Contact Information

For further information, you may contact the Acting Chairperson, Dr. Douglas Reardon at 410-951-3441.