Why a Degree in Global Studies

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Why a Degree in Global Studies

We live in a global era. Trade, telecommunications, migrations, music, art, politics and scores of other ties link distant places ever more tightly. The 21st century will be a time of terrific opportunity for those who are prepared for this global arena. And the Global Studies curriculum will equip you with the knowledge, experience and skills to take advantage of the exciting opportunities of this era.

The core set of courses taken by Global Studies majors provides a solid foundation of knowledge about the world's economy, history, geography and government. It sharpens valuable skills with writing and speaking and prepares students for a multi-lingual environment. Upper-level students narrow their focus to gain in-depth understanding of a region or subject-matter related to a career in global affairs.

Global Studies majors also gain "real world" experience. The curriculum lets students to earn credits from study abroad without delaying their graduation. In addition, students can earn credit at internships with multinational corporations, international trade organizations, development agencies, and other global entities.

Not only does the Global Studies major open the doors to rewarding international careers, it is wonderful preparation for graduate school and law school.

In an era so full of reward for those who take part in global affairs, the question to ask is not "why Global Studies?" but rather "How can I pursue Global Studies?"

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