Why a Degree in History

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Why a Degree in History

History illuminates the human condition. As a field of study, history provides the context with which to define one’s relationship with the world, a structure within which to study other disciplines. In portraying continuity and change, history offers a basis for understanding one’s culture, one’s community, and one’s self. Without historical perspective, learning is incomplete.

Coppin State University offers students a rich tradition as one of the oldest HBCUs in the country. Students are challenged as well as nurtured at this institution. The Department of History, Geography & Global Studies offers courses taught by regular faculty. Classes are small, especially at the upper level, because of the relatively low student – faculty ratio.

The Department has six full-time history professors all of whom hold PhD degrees. These professors are among the most productive and influential at the college. They are authors of many books and published works and have presented papers both nationally and internationally. With all of their commitments, the faculty still holds the education of Coppin students as its number one priority.

Finally, the Department of History, Geography and Global Studies is one of the most challenging academic programs and relinquishes a high quality of educational experience. The demands are great but so are the rewards.