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Collaborative Research
School of Nursing

Research study led by Dr. Joan Tilghman, Professor of Nursing for the College of Health Professions, addressed the need for improved assessment of military personnel for Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr. Tilghman's research project, titled, Assessment of the ability of the "medic" (medical health care provider) to detect manifestations indicative of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and the management of care for TBI through the utilization of Human Patient Simulation, is the result of a request for proposal by the Department of Defense Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center.

"So many of our service men and women are returning with injuries sustained from head trauma. The consequences are long term and frequently affect their lives and the lives of their families." Dr. Tilghman

"It is important for soldiers suspected of having a TBI, to receive assessment and management of their suspected condition. Screening and management will minimize the risks of disabilities and long term rehabilitations." Dr. Tilghman