Faculty Information Technology Committee


  1. Speak on behalf of faculty in matters of information Technology.
  2. Serve as a liaison between ITD and faculty.
  3. Coordinate efforts between Academic Affairs and ITD relative to availability and use of Technology by faculty.
  4. Create conditions for, and promote and advance, faculty use of technology in teaching and learning.
  5. Facilitate faculty enhancement/training in technology for teaching and learning.
  6. Develop and review guidelines/policies that govern campus use of technology.
  7. Support acquisition of Technology resource needed by faculty.
  8. Develop and review guidelines for technology-dependent courses/programs including online courses/programs.
  9. Provide leadership in the use of technology in course and program transformation.
  10. Make recommendations for the development of academic strategic plans.

Committee Members

Emmanuel Anouro

Christopher Brittan-Powell

Dionne Curbeam

Crystal Day-Black

Ahmed El-Haggan

Carol Grant

Rolande Murray

Stephen Providence

Doug Reardon

Alice Smith

Ralph Stevens

Denyce Watties-Daniels

Jackie Williams