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The Student Life Center (SLC), located on the lower level of the Tawes Center, has been designed to incorporate the Council for the Advancement of Standards for Higher Education (CAS) used by the Division of Student Affairs as well as adaptable best practices for adult learning, mature, and commuter student services. The Center is staffed by a Director and trained students with the support of professional volunteers.

The overall mission is to create an educational and social environment through structure and experiences that empowers students to use evidence-based knowledge, experiences, social networks, and their innate abilities and resiliency to become active, positive, and learned citizens. Additionally, all students will be encouraged and guided to practice evidence-based knowledge transfer among themselves, family, peers, and the community.

Services, resources, and social support activities are comprehensive, evidence-based, and reflective of the urban focused mission of Coppin State University. Student Life staff and trained volunteers serve as advocates, mentors, referral agents, and promoters of well rounded living for students.


Student Life Center services are designed to address the needs of mature students (age 25 and above), traditional commuter students (age 17 – 24). SLC offers all students an opportunity to assist in making Coppin State University a Healthy Campus for students, the Coppin Family, and Community Partners through the acquisition of science-based knowledge and proven knowledge transfer strategies.

Additionally, SLC will assist and support students as they meet their civic responsibilities and community engagement opportunities by suggesting and providing collaborative efforts and partnerships among all segments of the student body and the broader communities. These vehicles of change will enable them to serve as policy influencers and agents of change.

Most importantly, students play a major role in program planning. Implementation, monitoring, and program/service evaluation to ensure that the expressed and ever changing needs of the respective service populations are being met. The Student Life Programming Advisory Council (SLPAC), composed of trained student leaders, takes the lead in this regard.

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