Management and Marketing

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Grace Jacobs, 8th Floor

Welcome to the Department of Management and Marketing Homepage. Within the School of Business, students can pursue a number of degree programs including Management, Entertainment Management, and Marketing. The programs prepare students for graduate school and the job market. The Department of Management and Marketing offers a variety of courses intended for both business and non-business majors. Management and marketing skills are applicable in virtually all types of organizations.

The Management Degree Program prepares students to excel in a variety of management positions. Management courses include human resources management, labor management relations, organizational psychology and not-for-profit management.

The Online Degree in Management is the only 100% online accredited business management degree offered by an HBCU. Students have access to the same experienced faculty as our on-campus Management program. Courses are accessible from anywhere via the Internet. Learn more about this flexible and affordable program at

The Marketing Degree Program prepares students to assume responsibilities in every area of marketing. Marketing courses include sales management, international marketing, advertising and marketing research.

The Entertainment Management Degree Program prepares students to assume management and ownership positions in the entertainment industry and to prepare them for graduate study. It will open a broad range of possibilities that exceed the narrow scope of viewing the industry just from the vantage point of an entertainer or a consumer.


The Department of Management and Marketing offers the following degrees:

  • BS degree in Management
  • BS degree in Management (Online Program)
  • BS degree in Marketing
  • BS degree in Entertainment Management