Special Education

Hours and Location
Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
Grace Jacobs, Rm 714

The Department of Special Education at Coppin State University (CSU) is committed to the education of competent "reflective facilitators of learning" who are focusing on careers in special education and cognizant of the problems and committed to meeting the cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and prevocational needs of exceptional learners. The primary thrust of the Special Education programs are to provide reflective facilitators of learning with the necessary education to deliver educational services designed to assist exceptional individuals in reaching their optimal potential as productive members of society.

The Department of Special Education faculty believes that all educators share the responsibility for accommodating the learning and behavior needs of all learners to the maximum extent possible. This holds true for both general and special educators and both students with and without disabilities. In our efforts, we model the need for acceptance of issues relative to individual differences, gender, and cultural diversity and expect the same for its reflective practitioners.

The School of Education at Coppin State University have identified the following four themes that we want to permeate all courses and other learning experiences with our programs. Undergraduate teacher candidates of CSU School of Education and Undergraduate Programs will be reflective, decision making professionals who:

  • Are teacher candidate-centered;
  • Are understanding of, sensitive to, and effective with teacher candidates from diverse backgrounds;
  • Effectively apply and evaluate current research and pedagogy; and
  • Are committed to their continuous personal and professional development.

We create "Teachers As Reflective Facilitators of Learning" who have the knowledge, skills and disposition to teach All children with exceptionalities.

We are truly committed to "Leaving no Child Behind".

As soon as you have decided to apply to the program, please contact my office at (410) 951-3544 or e-mail me at gtaylor@coppin.edu to request an orientation appointment. We will help you with your questions.

With best wishes,

George Taylor, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Special Education