Health and Human Performance

Hours and Location
Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
PEC, 1st Floor

Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Performance. Our academic undergraduate programs in Sports Management and Dance continue to make a positive impact on the campus and the community at large. Students are inspired and motivated to meet the challenges that prepare them to establish and launch their careers in Sports Management or Dance. Their drive for excellence furthers their personal growth and development as they evolve into professionals in their chosen fields.

In the near future, the department anticipates developing a major in Physical Education, Urban Recreation, and Urban Health.

As our faculty and staff continue to increase and as we anticipate the opening of the New Physical Education Complex in 2010, the department seeks to provide and maintain its high standards of teaching and excellence in the university and community. Our commitment to this philosophy permeates through out our academic program as we count our success stories and continue to diversify in our academic and co-curricular offerings tailored to meet the needs of our students in this changing and demanding global society.