History, Geography, Global Studies

Hours and Location
Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
Grace Jacobs, 4th Floor

The Department of History, Geography and Global Studies (HGGS) at Coppin State University has a long tradition of intellectually stimulating students about the history of humans and the earth we inhabit. We are a dynamic community of scholars within the School of Arts and Sciences, working together toward the success of all students. The Department of HGGS at Coppin State University is an energetic place supported by an excellent group of creative and vibrant teachers. The faculty of the Department of History, Geography and Global Studies at Coppin State University are outstanding scholars and exemplary instructors. Our faculty members maintain important connections to the greater community that serves to strengthen their role as classroom educators. Our faculty members have published numerous books and scholarly articles; regularly attend conferences where they present the results of their research, and have won many notable grants and teaching awards. In support of student excellence our established faculty members have been awarded major grants and fellowships by some of the most prominent foundations and government agencies. We are excited about the many new developments in our department and you can locate our faculty at the "Faculty and Staff" web page.

The Department of HGGS offers a B.S. or B.A. degree for the History Major or Minor, a B.S. or B.A. degree for the History Major (with a concentration in Social Studies Secondary Education) that leads to secondary level teaching certification in the state of Maryland and a B.S. or B.A. degree for the Global Studies Major or Minor. Depending upon the choice of major, students have several available concentrations (for example Regional or Global Studies, African American, African, or U.S. History, and Social Studies Secondary Education). The Department of HGGS allows students to Minor in History, African American Studies, Geography and Global Studies. Our curriculum emphasizes the mastery of a specific subject, the development of research skills (using both traditional print and digital sources), the enhancement of critical argumentation and interpretation proficiency, and the ability to express research findings in both oral and written form. To find out more information about majors and minors in HGGS go to our web page on "Majors & Minors."

HGGS majors can work everywhere and find exciting work in a variety of fields. History, Geography and Global Studies teaches critical thinking, communication, and research skills that are valued by many employers. These majors often pursue careers in government, business, libraries, museums, archives, publishing, historic preservation, industry, journalism, and public relations. Our majors also make exceptional teachers in the public schools. History is an excellent undergraduate major for anyone thinking of law school or pursuing graduate school (M.A. and PH.D). To find out the areas HGGS majors can work in go to our listing of "Careers for History Majors."