Honors College

Our alumni distinguish themselves in a range of disciplines. They are earning master's and PhDs at some of our nation's best institutions. You can too!
We celebrate those who put forth stellar effort to achieve the best. Find out more.
Honors Student Voices
Coppin’s Honors Program has an established record of challenging students to reach academic heights unimagined. Become part of our legacy!
In any field you choose, we offer research opportunities and needed skills for success.
Join and then thrive as part of a challenging and rewarding program designed for forward thinkers.

Hours and Location
Mon-Fri8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Health & Human Services Bldg.
Rm 349

Achieve more.Achieve more.

There's nothing like being well prepared. And for over 20 years, Coppin State University's Honors College has been preparing students for successful graduate study at some of the nation's top institutions of higher learning.

Through a challenging and inspiring mix of scholarship, research, leadership and community service, the Honors College—composed of the Honors Program and the McNair Program—Honors College students are immersed in a personalized education unmatched by anything else.

If faculty mentoring, cultural enrichment, comprehensive advising and being part of a learning community sound like the perfect fit for you, explore how the Honors College can help you achieve more.