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African-American Studies Minor

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The African-American Studies minor is interdisciplinary and requires the completion of a minimum of 21 credits from the following list. At least 12 of the 21 credits must be completed in history courses (HIST). Courses in addition to those listed below, with the prior approval of the History Department, may also meet the minor requirements. A student must earn a grade of "C" or higher in each of the courses selected for the minor.

ART 403 Black American Art
ART 404 African Art
ENGL 335 Literature of the Black American I
ENGL 336 Literature of the Black American II
GEOG 102 World Regional Geography
GEOG 306 Urban Geography
GEOG 405 Geography of Africa
HIST 205 African American History I
HIST 206 African American History II
HIST 207 Introduction of African History
HIST 305 Problems in American History, 1867
HIST 313 History of Ancient Africa
HIST 315 Modern Africa
HIST 318 History of Blacks in American Cities
HIST 350 African American Intellectual History
HIST 354 Modern Civil Rights Movement
HIST 420 Seminar in African American History
HIST 430 History of West Africa
HIST 432 History of Central Africa
HIST 436 History of South Africa
HIST 438 History of East Africa
HIST 440 Seminar in African History
HIST 442 Special Topics in History
MUSC 305 Music of the African-American
POSC 412 Black Political Behavior
THEA 301 History of the Black Performer
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  55. Urban Recreation Minor
  56. Rehabilitation Counseling (M.ed)
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  60. Economics Minor
  61. Special Education (Certification)
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  64. Histotechnology
  65. Urban Arts Major
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  67. Biology Minor
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