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Reading Education Minor

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The minor in Reading Education is designed to provide the participant with knowledge and skills in the best research supported practices for the teaching of reading at all levels. The minor is guided by the regulations of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the standards from the International Reading Association (IRA). Practicum experiences are required.

Reading Concentration Course Requirements (Non-Education majors) (18 credits required)

 PSYC 306  Personality
 EDUC 300  Foundations of Reading
 ELED 303  Methods of Teaching Reading in the Elementary School**
ECED 333 Methods of Teaching Reading in Early Childhood**
ELED 331 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in ECED**
ELED 304 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in ELED**
REED 401 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities
REED 405 Strategies and Materials for Teaching Reading Instruction

Reading Concentration Course Requirements (ECED Education majors) (18 credits required)

REQUIRED (15 Credits)
ELED 303 Methods of Teaching Reading in ELED** (3 credits)
PSYC 306 Personality (3 credits)
ENGL 302 Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
REED 427 Teaching Reading in Content Area I
REED 428 Teaching Reading in Content Area II

ELECTIVE (Select one)
WLIT 323 Folklore: Myth, Fable, & Legend
WLIT 324 Sacred Literature of the World


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