Bravo Dance

Hours and Location
Thu-Fri6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sat10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Phys Ed Complex
Rm 212

Bravo Youth Dance Program (Ages 3+)

Program Dates: September 10 - May 14, 2016

Program Mission:

The mission of the Bravo! Community Dance Program is to provide a venue for children and adults to experience and explore dance as an arts form as well as prepare students for colleges and university dance programs and careers in dance education, dance performance and dance production.

Class Offerings: (Ages 3+)

  • Creative Movement (Ages 3-5)
  • Ballet (All Levels)
  • Modern Dance (All Levels)
  • Musical Theater and Jazz (All Levels)
  • Tap Dance (All Levels)
  • Hip Hop (All Levels)
  • Youth Dance Performance Team (Audition or invitation)

Early Bird Registration Dates and Times:

Registration is held in the PEC Dance Studio Lobby located on the 2nd floor of the Physical Education Complex building. Students should enter the PEC building off of Warwick Avenue near the dorms.

  • Tuesday, August 25     4-6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, August 27     4-6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 29     1:00-3:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 3     4:00-6:30 p.m.

Discount: Receive $5.00 off of registration fee during the early bird registration sessions.

General Registration and Office Hours:

Registration and office hours are held during regularly scheduled classes.

Thursday 6-8:00 p.m.
Friday 6-8:00 p.m.
Saturday, 10-2:00 p.m.

Registration is located in the Physical Education Complex, Dance Studio, and BRAVO Dance Office. For more information contact: or 410-951-3378.


Cash, checks or money order online registration~ to set-up online payments contact Professor Coles at or 410-951-3355 for more information.

Where: New 3 Locations

Coppin Dance outreach program is available for classes at your school, church or business.

Dance Site: Coppin State University Dance Studio
2500 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, 21208 410-951-3378. Off street parking is available directly across form the PEC dance studio site. All registration is held at this location only or online. Payments are accepted at all sites.

Dance Studio Satellite Location: 2-Changing Heart Yoga Dance
6314 Windsor Mill Road, Suite 2016, Woodlawn, Maryland 21207. Parking and entrance available on rear parking lot.

Dance Studio Satellite Location 3-SEED School Ballet Program for Middle and high school students. Classes are closed to the public.

Contact Information:

Bravo Dance Program Office: Physical Education Complex, Room
Bravo Email:
Bravo Telephone: 410-951-3378

Coppin State University Community Outreach Program:

Program Description:

The Coppin State University (CSU) Dance Program is sponsoring a community dance program for ages 3 through adults offering classes in creative movement for 3-5 years old, and ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop for 5-teens.

Additional classes in musical theater for 6-12 years old and dance company for more advanced students interested in honing their performance and competition skills- additional fees are charged for conferences, professional training opportunities and company dance attire.

For more information, contact Professor Coles at or 410-951-3355 at any time.

Attendance Policy:

  1. Students are asked to attend all classes and rehearsals- without an exception!
  2. Parents are urged to take into consideration classes and rehearsals when scheduling their children for appointments and when planning family vacations.
  3. Excessive absences (2 or more non-academic absences) will result in a student conference and student may be asked to leave the program and/or not be able to participate in any showcase or recital if student doesn’t know the choreography.
  4. Consistent attendance is vital in maintaining mastery of dance technique. Dance is a physical activity that requires consistent weekly training to establish muscle strength and muscle memory.

Rehearsals Policy:

  1. Students must attend all scheduled rehearsals. It is imperative that all dancers are attending every rehearsal to achieve the level necessary for a public performance. It is very difficult for fellow dancers to work on a piece without everyone present. It is not about how well your child knows their particular part, but how much your child's placement can affects the other children. It is also very difficult for your child's choreographer to create a good piece when students miss classes and rehearsals.
  2. Participation in any of the Student Ensembles requires consistent attendance to all rehearsals as scheduled. Two excused absences during the 2nd semester are allowed. (Otherwise students are dismissed for additional non-academic absences)

Bulletin Board:

Check the Dance Bulletin Board outside of the Dance Studio each week for announcements or website for updates.


Please join the BRAVO Facebook to remain current with what is happening in the program.

Classroom Etiquette and Expectations:

  1. Excessive talking during class and rehearsals is discouraged; Interactive between teacher and student is highly encouraged.
  2. Students who are disruptive to the teaching and learning process are asked to observe class so that others may continue their work.
  3. The instructor has the right to dismiss disruptive students from their class, and/or request a student-parent conference prior to readmitting the student.
  4. No refunds will be given if student is dismissed from program.
  5. Student must arrive on time for the start of class and remain until the class is over.
  6. Students 10 minutes or more late are invited to watch the class.
  7. Cell phones are not allowed in the dance studio.
  8. Refrain from talking during class.
  9. Food or drinks (except water) are not allowed in the dance studios.
  10. Proper dance attire is required for all dance classes and/or rehearsals.
  11. Inform the teacher of any injury IMMEDIATELY.
  12. No chewing gum is allowed during class.
  13. No dirty street shoes are allowed on studio floor. Hip Hop shoes must be "dance tennis shoes or jazz shoes).
  14. Students are expected to be polite and courteous at all times to teachers, classmates and parents.
  15. Students are expected to encourage their classmates.
  16. Hair must be pulled back securely away from the face- except creative ballet classes.

Parent Conference:

  1. Parents are welcome to schedule a conference with their child's teacher or the director of the school at any time.
  2. Please email the school administrator at to schedule an appointment.
  3. We ask that you do not confront the instructors before or after classes with questions, but instead email the dance office.
  4. Our experienced staff may be able to answer your questions or you can schedule an appointment to meet with your child's instructor.

Email Notifications:

The School frequently sends information by email about upcoming events at the school. Be sure to list your email address clearly on your registration form so that we can keep you informed and updated during the year. Contact the dance office if you have not received "welcome to the program" email confirming your address.

Make-up Classes:

There is no make-up classes neither offered nor refunds for missed classes or dismissal from the program, etc. unless previously discussed with the Director of the Dance Program.

Parent Observation:

To minimize distraction for our students and to allow our faculty to do the best job possible in the training of your child, please refrain from observing class through doorways or windows during non-observation weeks.

Our goal is to keep your child focused so that they can maximize their class experience and continue to progress effectively through the required syllabus.

Visiting weeks are intended for parents, relatives and older siblings who are able to understand classroom etiquette.

Turn off cell phones, and refrain from talking during the class.

Please do not bring visitors to the program during your regular class periods.

Parents may request to view the class with permission of the instructor and director of the program.

School Closings Due to Inclement Weather:

Contact the dance office at 410-951-3378 for information regarding closings due to inclement weather. Generally, classes are cancelled when the university is closed and/or Baltimore County Schools are closed.

School Holiday Closings:

Generally speaking, the program follows the university calendar for holidays and semester breaks except fall classes begin two weeks after the beginning of the academic schedule while winter classes normally begin two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic schedule in January. Classes are offered September through May.


Students are expected to arrive on time for the start of classes and rehearsals. In the interest of injury prevention, students who arrive ten or more minutes late for class will be asked to observe class that day.


Students will not be allowed to participate in classes or performances unless tuition is paid. Parents have two payment options.


You are committed to the 2015-16 Coppin State University Community Dance Program beginning in September through May. Therefore, you are required to continue making payments on your account throughout the entire year~ fall and spring sessions.

In case of an emergency, other arrangements can be discussed, and all withdrawals from the program must be in written form hand-delivered to the dance office with a 30-day notice. If you withdraw in the middle of the month you will be responsible for the following months tuition. After withdrawing from class you will receive a receipt and payment stop release date. If not you will be responsible for the full year tuition.

Spring Concert:

The spring dance concert is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 5:00pm in the James Weldon Johnson Auditorium on the campus of Coppin State University (North Avenue Entrance). Parking is $5.00 per car.

For more information, contact Professor Coles at or 410-951-3378 at any time.